Thursday, October 14, 2004

Chennai Test First Day

Today I saw the match in stadium for the first time. Its an unbelivable experience. If you have never seen it in a packed stadium you miss a lot. In morning its only half packed. I went to ground around 9am and got my first shocker Austaralia won the toss and batting. Atleast I was happy that I could see all Indian players. Indian team included Zaheer Khan I did not except it.

In the first session Australia hit our bowlers every where. Zaheer Khan was going almost 6 an over. Over all run rate was nearly 5. I did not come to watch this. I was stunned to see this and at lunch they were 111/0. I was reading paper for last half hour before lunch.

I took lunch outside and returned lately around 1.00. I heard a huge noice comming I know immediately first wicket was gone. It was Hayden and two balls later Langer too got out. The game was getting intresting at both wickets feel to Harbajan. Both Kumble and Harbajan bowled well. Damien Martyn was out last ball before Tea.

After Tea Kumble was deadly. Aussies did not know how to play him. Yuvraj droped Katich at short leg. Its a very easy catch.
Kumble was running through wickets at other end.

Gilchrist, Gillespe and Kasper walked before given out. Gillesepe for second time in this series and Kasper after given not out. It would give a lot a respect to them when they do some appeal. I am very impressed by Gillespe he may not be specialist batsman but its special somone walks in the consecutive innings. After Kasper walked Shepard looks confused. Yuvarj returned favour by walking.

At close of play Indian were 29/1 with Shewag and Pathan in the crease. Longer Shewag stays in the crease he will just reduce bring us close to Aussies first innings total quickly. If Shewag is there during Tea then it will be question of what will be the lead. Strangely not many are worried about Yuvarj dismissial simply most surprised he syrvived this long.

One strange thing I had in morning was after each 4. I was looking for reply !! Just used to TV. btw we had a Screen in corner.

Today Indian have got a very good position in Test. But the walking of three Australian batsman won many hearts here and showed true sportsmanship. Thats the way to go with Gilly leading ..

Too tired today to write a detailed report I will do it after this test..


n# said...

hmm ppl wont' forget their behavior of Mcgrath (against WI match), Slater (against Ind in Chennai)

Altho we can congratulate their 'sportsmanship', still a long way to change their image.

Isn't stil Australia - Sledging are synonymous

Nin Sin said...

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