Thursday, October 07, 2004

What will Gilchrist do Tomorrow ?

It devastating to see the way Gilchrist played in the morning. He took the game away from India with such an attacking cricket. The was way Clarke played is very impressive I feel that either Martyn or Lehman will be dropped when Ponting returns.

Very good find for Australia I doubt even if Ponting was there he could have played this well. Aussies run rate in the morning was excellent it made up for the yesterday. They finished with 474 bit more than I expected and lot quicker.

India started innings terribly losing Chopra in 1st over. It puts tremendous pressure on him. I don't know if he will be selected again. But he will have a chance in 2nd innings where his contribution will be very important. Real shocker is Dravid getting out. In the absence on Tendulkar it will be dravid every one will be looking upon. Mcgrath got the man he wanted.

Then Shewag and Ganguly had nice little patnership. Both were playing nicely until Shewag got out. Its disappointing to see him get out after settling well. Then it went all downhill at the close of play India are 150/6 with Patel and Pathan in the crease. If lower order could add another 50-75 runs that will be good. Harbajan could be interesting he can score some quick runs when least expected. Anything over 220 from here on should be excellent.

Now Gilchrist will be thinking should he enforce follow on or not. As it is highly unlikely that India is going to avoid it. I think that he will not force follow on and he will bat till he get a unbeatable lead of around 600 and give India a little over 5 session to bat in a difficult wicket.

If he imposes follow on it will be very interesting. I think India should open with Yuvraj and Shewag and Chopra at three if wickets fall soon or at 6 if openers get through new ball. India will be chasing a deficit of around 300.

More I think about this match it looks like Calcutta match. Can India pull of a miracle this time too ?? May be day dreaming too much. When I see the my guess what I made yesterday it look foolish now so no more guesses .

Will the Gilchrist have guts to enforce follow on tomorrow ?? We will see it tomorrow. Brave man if he does. Aussies wins today's contest hands down. May be they have almost won the match also.

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