Friday, October 08, 2004

India fight hard on the third day

I was very happy with the way India played today. I know most probably India will loose this test match. I was never unhappy about losing it will happen some times that's part of life. What worried me a lot was lack of confidence from the top order and they way just crumbled yesterday. Today Pathan and Patel showed the fighting spirit. I always like this from Patel right from his first innings his batting was not much of a problem. His batting is more than enough for an Indian Keeper.

The way both played Warne was very encouraging. Warne is going to be main threat in last innings if we can nullify him then things might be interesting. Even yesterdays Laxman's dismissal was not that great delivery. Its good delivery hitting the steps but its a lack of concentration much like his 3rd test dismissal against Akthar. Warne has 2/78 still Indian batsmen played very confidently against him.

When is Gilchrist going to declare ? They already have 355 run lead. I feel that 450 will be next to impossible to chase in less than 5 session but it will give a chance to India. So Aussies would just want to make sure that they dont loose this match at any cost before thinking about winning. What will be safe score. I think they will set target of over 500 with just over 4 sessions. They will be trying to get it as soon as possible.

If we keep run rate like today that will be fine. Assuming we have target of 500 with 120 overs. I believe that they should open with Yuvraj and Shewag. It might click and work in Yuvraj favour. If not Yuvraj knows he cant play next game(assuming Sachin return for the game).

I have admired Yuvraj skills a lot. I remember in World Cup against Pakistan after Tendulkar got out there was some tense moments Yuvraj played well and scored very good. Sachin praised that innings after match. He played many innings like that so he might be real match winner. I don't think so he can break in to Indian middle order for another 4/5 years only hope for him to get permanent place in team is either open or we have Wicket Keeper opener. Not many are comfortable with second idea.

We might not win this game but if Shewag scores a big century then required rate might be with in our range. We can easily score 350 in 90 overs provide a big century from century. His scoring rate will be almost run a ball it helps a lot. We might chase 150 in last session if we have wickets. I know India always like to play for draw in this situation unlike dare devil Aussies but still I am allowed to have my dream.

Gilchrist not forcing follow on showed how much they fear Indians. Add to that dubious declaration he made in 2001 vs Eng. He will be thinking hard about not losing first. 500 lead is maximum anything above 550 is insane especially if it gives aussies less than 4 session.

Another thing might happen is dismissing Aussies with in 450 lead with 5 sessions(150 overs)to play that might be very interesting.

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