Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My Team for Chennai test

After India loss in the first test there will be change in Indian team. Agarkar should come in for Zaheer Khan. If Sachin is not playing (last time I was of thinking that he will play) bring Kaif in and open with Yuvraj. I think Chopra has to be dropped for this test.

It wont be bad idea to attack Mcgrath in opening overs which Shewag can do that perfectly. Yuvraj is very big worry he is just fishing outside the off stump always. He is a good attacking player but I dont know how long he can survive Mcgrath with the kind of technique he showed in last test match. Stil they are worth gamble in one test match.

Dravid had rare failure in first innings he made up in the second he will be as reliable as ever Its who bat around him has to support. Laxman was very disppointing in the first test. He got a good ball in first innings but he made that look great ball and got out in second innings very early both against Warne.

Ganguly looked ok in 1st innings before he got good ball. In second innings its stupid runout. Agreed tight single is there but I dont know any will trust Gangulys call when you know about his running between the wickets.

I once belived Kaif would be future captian of India. He won under-19 world cup leading Yuvraj and co. But lot has happen then and now he is finding hard to be in team itself. After 2002 ICCCT his form went downhill barely surviving in the team. Still I like him very much hope he gets a game in Chennai as his for recently is good.

Parthiv did good job with bat in first innings and unlucky in second innings but still his glove work is not impressive. I think that Dinesh Kaarthick might be atleast in the team for next two tests.

Harbajan was very impressive in second innings. If he had bowled the same way in first innings particularly on first day then the result might be intresting. Kumble is ok but I would like to see him take more wicket in Chennai.

Irfan Pathan was excellet when he opened on the first day. May be he is developing as major strike bowler for India. His dismissal of Langer was very good revrse swinging yorker with almost 90Mph. His batting is not bad either he scored most runs in first test. I wish that will not be case in Chennai and top order comes good.

Next bowling spot is bit intresting Zaheer is not that impressive no harm in trying Agarkar in place. Agarkar is always going to get his bunny Langer. If the pitch is good for spin which Chennai always is and team may be thinking along lines of having three spinners. Last time both team played here(2001) India played three spinners and Zaheer.

I would love to see Sachin Tendulkar as third spinner rather than Murali Karthick. What I hear is there is no problem with with his bowling and he is not a bad bowler esp if conditions suit him. In recent Asia Cup in Sri Lanka he was our best spin bowler. Conditions in Chennai and Srilanka are very similar.

Any how I believe most wickets will be taken by Harbhajan and Kumble. Third bowler is going to be just support cast. With Shewag(he was first selected as allrounder) and Yuvraj around to bowl it wont be a bad bet. I agree it might be very risky.

If we dont win in Chennai we might lose the series and Nagpur is highly unlikely to produce result. India has to win this match at all cost. If thats means playing Tendulkar as third spinner let it be. It would be intresting to compare Tendulkar and Warne and would be better spinner. I believe Tendulkar record wont be much worse than Warne.

My ideal match would India wins toss and bats first get around 700 for loss of 3 or 4 wickets denying Warne his record and Winning by atleast innings and 217!! runs.

Moreover I have ticket for Chennai test match and I would love to see Tendulkar in action. I will update each day after seeing the play.

This is the first match I will be seeing in ground.

My Team will be

1.Yuvraj Singh
2.Vrendhar Shewag
3.Rahul Dravid
4.V.V.S Laxman
5.Sourav Ganguly
6.Mohammed Kaif
7.Parthiv Patel
8.Irfan Pathan
9.Harbhajan Singh
10.Anil Kumble
11.Ajit Agarkar/Sachin Tendulkar

Any comments ? I know most wont agree with my selection of Tendulkar. But this just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

You need to publicize ur Blog, then only u can get some comments.
I feel Chopra was undone by umpiring decisions and certainly feel needs one more chance. Yuvraj is a misfit in test team(lacks technique) and should have not been for the first test also.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You are a dim-witted soul .you don’t know a damn thing about cricket.