Monday, October 04, 2004

Sachin gives "tag of legitimacy" to the series

The Australians want to win the four-Test series against India with a "tag of legitimacy" by taking on a full strength Indian side that has Sachin Tendulkar in it. Gilchrist said that I think he (Sachin) will be there (for the first Test). Obviously, everyone would love to see him. He is the best batsman that I think I have ever seen. So, if we are going to win here (India) legitimately, it’s nice to play the best team possible,”

Q & A with Shane Warne. He says "Tendulkar is in my time the best player, without doubt. Daylight second. Brian Lara third. Rahul is in the best form of his career, but I would never say anyone is better than Sachin because I don't think they are"

I wonder who is that daylight ?? may be they have misspelled Dravid ??

Cricket365 writes about the importance of being Sachin. It concludes with the statement
"Injured or not, Tendulkar exerts a significant influence on the team and whether he is able to go ballistic with the bat or just barely hold on to it, his value is unquestionable".

Ian Healy writes that Ganguly is new Steve Waugh of mind games.

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Daylight: Mathew Hyden.