Sunday, October 03, 2004

Sachin's Interview and Views about Ind-Aus series

Excertps from Sachin Tendulkar interview with Wisden. He says "Changes are going to take place and you always try and make changes to become a better player. The basic idea is to cut down on the risky shots and try and be as consistent as possible." Consistency is fine but why cant he come down the wicket ? He rarely comes down the wicket in recent times.

Mike Artherton writes in Telegraph about Pressure on Australia's ageing attack. He says "India is the hardest place to win".

Another article about Australia's real great barrier. The author says "The depth and quality of both sides' batting suggests that neither loss would be insurmountable but India would probably manage the better. Part of the reason is that Tendulkar, for all his breathtaking talent, is neither the best batsman in the world nor the Test Player of the Year. Rahul Dravid is".

Second point is right on money but Tendulkar not best batsmen in world ? I have some serious arguement regarding that but no explanations now and also he writes that Lara had said "Australia would not win a match and India's batsmen would dominate". Thats very encouraging.

Gideon Haigh writes in Cricinfo about The making of epics. He looks in to matters which make a series great. Very nice reading if you have a bit of time.

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