Saturday, January 06, 2007

Was Watching Tendulkar embarrassing ??

Yesterday I saw whole day of 4th Day's play and I have to say I am very disappointed with the way India performed esp with way Tendulkar have batted. I thought he should have come down the track to the spinner and should not have allowed him to bowl that long.

But to call him embrassing is unfair. Dravid was also involved in that patnership and not a word of criticism on Dravid and the author writes he infected Dravid. I am not sure this guy watches or knows enough about cricket. Dravid has always been anchor in Indian team who scores slowly. Not many people are going to disagree with me on that. Dont forget that Tendulkar dismissal was a bad decision. He was not out plain and simple.

Cricinfo(Wisden) has always been unfair to Tendulkar. There are too many instance to point out. But the bottom line is they give the best coverage for world cricket that I know if any one know any better site I will happy to follow that site.

I am more than happy with way Tendulkar batted in South Africa even though he did not score enough runs.

Match depends upon how we perform in first session. I still hope that we might be able to win this match. I t all depend upon drying upon runs. South Africa should struggle to score runs they should not score it easily. Even if India is going to lose this match they should strech it to 70-75 overs so that we might every chance of winning.


Chandan said...

Cricinfo has been writing utter tripe recently and have had eggs on their faces continuosly, especially regarding Tendulkar!!!

Nin Sin said...

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