Monday, November 01, 2004

A New beginning ??

I really hate reading news papers or any articles when India looses. I just dont even look at what is written it hurts a lot when India losses. Thats the reason I did not update my blog these days. I feel the India deserve to loose the third test.

Why did they presisted with Parthiv ? no one is going to answer this question. He batted well but his keeping was pathetic. Akash Chopra was struggling for form all season but still select him and paid the price.

I know that its easy to speak everything in hindsight but Parthiv and Chopra everyone is calling for them.

Ganguly decided to skip the test. What Ganguly did was correct in a way but in a lot of ways what he did will affect team in a long run. Its hard for me to believe he did not play because of Injury. He did the same for unofficial test between India and SA. It is sad politics affected cricket this much. Australia played well which they always do and they are deserved winners.

I am happy about new faces in the team still I would have like Sriram to be included if Ganguly is not in the team. Thats not going to happen. I feel very sorry for Yuvraj. He opened only in one test failed in one innings and remained unbeaten in another and he gets dropped. Thats too harsh on this guy if you look at oppurtinity Chopra and Parthiv got he deserved atleast another match.

Kaif is really batting well if he scores century in Mumbai then either Ganguly or Laxman have to be axed in next series. I would love to see Kaif score a century. Real problem is Dravid and Tendulakr not scoring. If turn the tables in Mumbai we may not feel this bad.

We have more than even chance of winning the Mumbai match if we win the toss..


Sadik said...

I think Cricket should be enjoyed as a Game and not as a win or loss. If you want India to win every match, the team should prepare like Australia.Team selection is definately a criteria and should definately look into this.

Naren said...

I hope the Coroporate won't allow us to dominate the cricketing world.
They both kill n nurture our cricket.

Nin Sin said...

corparate will never be out of ipl. wanna see whole stuff Visit IPL History