Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The real culprits ??

Since Sept 2005..

Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50 W BB BowlAv 5w Ct St

All 36 1205 141* 40.16 3 8 10 2/25 50.40 0 11 0

Home 20 587 100* 34.52 1 4 5 2/25 47.80 0 7 0
Away 9 332 100 41.50 1 2 3 1/27 72.00 0 3 0
Neutral 7 286 141* 57.20 1 2 2 1/1 24.50 0 1 0

Before I write anything please see these stats was his record good in India or Away. Is he scoring runs only in India ??

After seeing the kind of stats pulled up by Cricinfo I remember one famous quote by Bernard shah "There are lies, damn lies - and statistics". You can manipulate the stats the way you want.

Thesre is no denying the fact that Tendulkar is playing below his level but to paint picture as if he is playing below every one is just rubbish. Even in recent South Africa tour of 4 matches he top scored in 2 matches.

We should ask some very strong questions. Why was tendulkar brought down the order ? It known very well he likes opening and his record donw the order pales in comparission to what he achieved in opening the innings.

Mat I NO Runs HS1 HS2 HS3 Ave 100 50 0

Opening 265 262 19 11731 186* 152 146 48.27 37 56 10
3rd 11 10 1 92 31 21 14 10.22 0 0 0
4th 65 61 8 2059 140* 113 105* 38.84 4 15 5
5th 37 36 8 797 82* 54* 53 28.46 0 5 3

I have always believed that Sachin and Sourav should open the innings with Shewag at NO.3

I have read many article saying that Dravid is best indian batsmen for years now. I have great respect for Dravid and his record for past 4 or 5 years show that he had contributed more than tendulkar no question about that.

All I have to ask is how many of you still believed that Dravid will win the match against Srilanka after Dhoni got out ? I for one stopped watching the match at that point I know it was over... Once Tendulkar got out we know that it was always going to be hard or take last world cup final when Tendulkar got out most of them did not believe india can win the match.

It will be intresting what will happen in April 6 & 7th meeting. I for one want Chappel want to get far away from Indian cricket as much as possible. I always believed Ganguly was treated very unfairly by him now he does that to every one.

I also believe that Dravid should be retained as captain and be given time till atleast England tour.

I am very very disapponted with the way india played esp the fact that they choose to chase in such a crucial match. Do I have remeber everyone how many match we lost like this 96SF,99final and this one when we had option to bat first hope they dont make this mistake again ..

Who is the real culprit ??


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